Age : 5 Years
Breed : Whippet
Colour : Fawn
Colour Pattern : Solid
Size : Medium
Weight : 43.5 Pounds
Height : 22.3 inches
Neck : 15 inches
Length : 22 inches


High energy with an off switch. Intelligent, athletic, enthusiastic with lots of drive. Stable temperament in all situations. Travels in a vehicle 50% of his life. Performs in front of large crowds. K9 Frisbee champion, runs 35 miles an hour. Loves everyone. Good with other dogs. Handsome.
Obedience Skills
Down Down/Stay Leave it Off Leash Hand Signals Off Leash Recalls Off Leash Voice Commands Sit Sit/Stay Stand
Special Talents
Frisbee freestyle dog20 plus tricksOff Leash trainedAgility dogDock diving

Talent Videos:


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