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For over 35 years we have been casting,  wrangling and training animals. Now we have taken it to a whole new level offering you the widest selection of talented pets and their people. Professional, experienced, hard working and most importantly caring, Furry People Productions can provide you the purr-fect pet for your project.

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Batman is a super high energy dog. He loves running, chasing the ball and wrestling with his dog sister Skye. He loves being where...
People are often amazed by Jet's obedience and his gorgeous appearance. He is extremely food motivated which makes training him a ...
Loki is almost 4 years old and is the sweetest Pomeranian you will meet. She gets along with other animals and loves humans. She w...
Mylee is truly the smartest dog I’ve ever had.. (I’ve had 17 in 50 years) I’m  a vet tech for 34 years. She stunning to loo...
This is Sophie! she is the sweetest mini golden doodle puppy ever! She is on the smaller side and everyone who meets her falls in...
BRADY is a sweet, special soul with a unique, natural mohawk - he does show excitement, tho is generally a cuddling lap bud. He ab...
Ember is almost 4 months old black solid English cocker spaniel. She is very cute and smart! She is new sister of Milo who is succ...
George loves people and is a fun loving little bear.   He loves snow and loves putting his whole body into snow drifts. His pass...

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And… You’re up! Once Furry People Productions has reviewed your profile and we have ensured all your details are in order we give the thumbs up and your profile goes live. (allow up to 72 hours)


Let the fun begin! Now your profile is up for the world to see, you have the opportunity to attend casting calls, auditions and book jobs!.

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