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For over 35 years we have been casting,  wrangling and training animals. Now we have taken it to a whole new level offering you the widest selection of talented pets and their people. Professional, experienced, hard working and most importantly caring, Furry People Productions can provide you the purr-fect pet for your project.

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Meet Phoebe-Rose (Phoebe) she is a 3 year old hairless chinese crested female. She weighs about 5 lbs. Her hobbies include racing,...
Macy is our 5 year old sweet girl. She has had the most training out of our 4 dals. She has been exposed to large crowds. Smaller ...
Freya is not your typical dalmatian. Freya is a 1 yr old  lemon spotted girl instead of your typical liver or black and white. He...
Luella is a friendly, super affectionate, and playful dog. She is quite the “thinker”, and is always up for a challenge, makin...
Meet Kobe, the Toronto Frenchie! With his big, puppy dog eyes and an insatiable love for treats, Kobe has a talent for warming the...
Luna is our liver spotted dal! She is one of 4 sisters at our home. Luna is best known for her slinky crawl asking for belly r...
Reina is our 3 year old sassy and silly girl. She is 1 of our 4 dals. She is eager to please and is used to posing for photos and ...
High energy, fun loving and gentle. Loves water and going fast in the car. Very friendly, people pleaser that picks up commands qu...

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It’s show n’tell time! Tell Furry People Productions all about your furry friend, submit all your information and don’t forget to include their special talents and your favourite pictures!


Now it’s our turn! Every submission will be assessed by Furry People Productions making sure all of our Fur Reel Talent is represented as best as possible.


And… You’re up! Once Furry People Productions has reviewed your profile and we have ensured all your details are in order we give the thumbs up and your profile goes live. (allow up to 72 hours)


Let the fun begin! Now your profile is up for the world to see, you have the opportunity to attend casting calls, auditions and book jobs!.

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