Age : < 1 Year
Breed : German Shepherd Dog
Colour : Black, Brown
Colour Pattern : Bi-Colour
Size : Medium
Weight : 56 Pounds
Height : 24 inches
Neck : 16 inches
Length : 58 inches


Araya is a natural show off.  She is from a shoreline and I know her breeder has won many awards for show dogs.  We got her as a family pet and since she is not satisfied to just walk and I was told it would build her confidence to do some agility training so I started. She is a show off in the neighbourhood of Jericho Beach sitting on cut off tree stumps waiting to come get a stick or a tug toy. I also have her wait and then run to me from quite a distance and then have do her jumps over some rocks that can be 4 or 6 boulders.  She likes to crawl under benches and hop up and off park benches.  She is such a natural it has become just our way to have fun together! She loves people and loves being a family dog. She is sweet and affectionate. Since she is so beautiful and likes to show off I thought this might be a good pastime for us.  She also takes up a lot of my time so this could be a constructive way to compensate for all this time!!
Obedience Skills
Down Down/Stay Leave it Off Leash Hand Signals Off Leash Recalls Off Leash Voice Commands Sit Sit/Stay
Special Talents
sits in place, centres, agility jumps, climbs


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