Age : < 1 Year
Breed : Dachshund
Colour : Black, Cinnamon, Red
Colour Pattern : Sable
Size : small
Weight : 13 Pounds
Height : 11 inches
Length : 23 inches


Vivian is a spunky dachshund who captures everyone’s heart. When walking, I got stopped at least 3 times everyday asking questions about Vivian. She loves the camera and isn’t afraid to show a little attitude.

Vivian loves toys- especially stuffed animals. She spends most of her days playing with her teddy bear and other small dogs at the park.

Kids especially seem interested in Vivian due to her long long body. They love nick-naming her hotdog or slinky.
Obedience Skills
Leave it Off Leash Recalls Sit Sit/Stay


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