Age : 5 Years
Breed : Pug
Colour : Fawn
Colour Pattern : Solid
Size : Medium
Weight : 24 Pounds
Height : 12 inches
Neck : 14 inches
Length : 16 inches


Hi my name is Mr Prince, I am also known as Mr Prince The Pug. I live up to my name a royal Prince! Some facts about me is that, some people may ask, "am I a pure bred Pug?" Indeed I am! I have a muscular built, with long legs, and a longer snout than the usual pug. I’ve taken a DNA test turns out I am 100% pug and did you know in the 1800’s pugs used to look like me! Fun fact a pug saved a Prince back in the days and that is a little background on how I got my name! Get to know me more, I am born on February 21 2019 and I am a Pisces! I am bundle of joy with a silly character and crazy personality but all around a good boy. I am an energetic pug who does lots of zoomies even after my bath. Sometimes I can be naughty and find it funny to be chased around, I especially like to chase my own tail and play hide and seek. Others have said I’m part wolf because I howl like one for attention! I can be a very entertaining but I could be curled up on the couch upside down taking lots of naps while I’m snoring. I am a real cuddle monster who loves to be on your lap and I’m expecting belly rubs. I am behaved with directions and a great listener. I can do tricks like paw, sit, lay down, play dead, roll over, spin, twirl, catch a treat and toy, I also can patiently wait by saying leave it. I am very treat motivated and I graduated puppy and intermediate class at Petsmart. My instructor says I would be a great therapy dog because I always cheer someone up and I can put a smile on someone’s face. I adore giving lots of kisses and in return butt rubs. My tail goes insane when I meet you and sometimes I prefer to meet the humans first before the dogs. I enjoy being around children and have fun playing with dogs of all sizes.I will be your best friend when you first lay your eyes on me! I promise you’ll fall in love with my big brown eyes. I also love to pose for the camera, I know when my parents have their camera’s pointing at me. I have modelled for awesome pet brands such as Hotel Doggy, Pawz Dog Boots, Bosco and Roxy and small businesses including Bcuddly, Julius K9, and Woof Pack. Prince was an ambassador for Ren’s Pets grand opening in Oshawa and we had an interview with KX96 radio! Prince has also been on the cover of a news blog Narcity Toronto and Prince would LOVE to join the Furry People Productions roster!
Obedience Skills
Down Down/Stay Leave it Sit Sit/Stay
Special Talents
SpinCatch The TreatBangPawHigh FiveHead TiltRoll Over

Talent Videos:

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27 Years
My name is Josette. Prince’s pug mama! I am the luckiest pug human to have Prince in my life! He has saved and helped me battle ...


28 Years
Hi my name is Zachary Bird known as Prince’s dog dad! I am a freelance photographer and I’m behind the scenes of Mr Prince The...


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