Age : 10 Years
Breed : Other
Colour : Black, Brown, Light brown, Silver, Tan
Colour Pattern : Bi-Colour
Size : Medium
Weight : 50 Pounds
Height : 23 inches
Neck : 18 inches
Length : 33 inches


Hayley can have a lot of energy when you need her to, or she can be lazy and snooze all day long. She absolutely loves humans, she wants to be the center of attention and she knows when a camera is on her. She is an excellent model for the camera and has been posing for pictures for me since the day I brought her home. She is full of life! She has a lot of personality and big eyebrows to show it. People often say that she has very human-like eyes with how expressive they are. A lot of people also say she looks like she is judging them! Hayley loves her voice and can be vocal. She is a service dog, and has excellent impulse control. She can handle large crowds and noisy environments, and she can stay and ignore food even if it’s right in her face. Hayley’s favorite trick by far is “Cover.” Hayley is very smart and can learn very quickly, so if you need a certain new trick or task, I am confident that she could learn it for you quickly!
Obedience Skills
Down Down/Stay Leave it Off Leash Recalls Off Leash Voice Commands Sit Sit/Stay Stand
Special Talents
give pawother pawhead (put head down)spinbowcover (put paw over face)roll overhold (hold an item in mouth)stick em up (briefly throw paws in air)“Fetch” (bring item to hand)Bed (go to a designated place)Close the door (nudge door with nose to close it)Through (crawl through tunnel)Open the door (grab and pull rope to open a door)Turn off the lightTouch (nose to hand)Push (push handicap button with paw)WaveSpeak (bark on cue)Jump (jump over object or obstacle)Heel (walk at my hip)Balance #1 object or food on noseBalance #2 wear hats, glasses, etcRing a bell (ring bell to go outside)

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