Age : 5 Years
Breed : Miniature Australian Shepherd
Colour : Brown, Tan, White
Colour Pattern : Merle
Size : small
Weight : 17 Pounds
Height : 15 inches
Length : 20 inches


Clover is a 4 year old, miniature Australian shepherd with a big personality. She’s a social butterfly who loves just about anyone, she would shower a complete stranger with kisses if given the opportunity. She’s confident meeting new people and when paired with someone who knows how to cue her different behaviours, she will work well for anyone. Clover has a variety of different tricks and behaviours, and has quite a bit of experience preforming these behaviours in challenging environments. We’ve done performance shows at outdoor fairs, theatres, half time shows, big indoor venues like the CNE, etc. Working along side other off leash dogs, bright lights and loud crowds both big and small. We also participated in a few dog sports including dock diving, agility and frisbee. Clover may not be the farthest jumping, fastest dog, but she still has a blast and gives it her all ever time! Clover’s the kind of dog that’s hard to forget. With her fun loving personality and striking white face and blue eyes, she makes a statement.
Obedience Skills
Down Down/Stay Leave it Off Leash Hand Signals Off Leash Recalls Off Leash Voice Commands Sit Sit/Stay Stand
Special Talents
Jump over person, object/obstacleLimp on both front legsCrawl forward and backwardsCross both pawsHead down on floor, higher platform, handBark on cueHold item for period of time/while doing trickCarry, bring to hand, give to person/target itemSkateboardPaws up on person/object“Pray” bows head“Shy” Cover noseAgility obstaclesRoll over/dog rolls it’s self in blanketRebound off person/wall/targetJump up on feet/back/into arms/high surfaceLick person on cueHead tiltBack up and walk forwardWalk on back legs backwards/forwards/spinsHug leg/dog/person/itemSpin left and rightWalking and stationary handstandPaw/high fiveCatch tailTrust fallPaintGo limp while being heldPlay dead on back and sidePivot in a circle on a pedestal/person“Tell a secret” dog puts nose to ear behind hand180 flipWalk backwards/forwards in a circle around personPut paws on feet and walkWeave walk forward and backwardsSit prettyHeel work/Rally obedienceWaveRing bellBow“Squat” sitting pretty to standing on hind legsWipe paws on matStrong swimmerGood with grooming


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