Age : 2 Years
Breed : Nova Scotia Duck-Tolling Retriever
Colour : Orange
Colour Pattern : Solid
Size : Medium
Weight : 42 Pounds
Height : 20 inches
Neck : 18 inches
Length : 26 inches


Cillian is a goofy guy whose favourite things involve: frisbee, learning, food and hiking in the wilderness. In total Cillian knows over 50 commands and loves to work. When he's not being his mom's best friend, he's being her teammate in dog sports (agility, disc, dock diving and obedience) or trekking into the wilderness on long hikes and portages. Some guys only have one, but Cillian has all three: brains, looks and excitement.
Obedience Skills
Down Down/Stay Leave it Off Leash Hand Signals Off Leash Recalls Off Leash Voice Commands Sit Sit/Stay Stand
Special Talents
HoldJump into armsSit prettyPlay deadBowMoonwalkBack upSpinRoll overBurrito (rollover while holding blanket)SpeakChin downLie on sideLick lips on commandCover eyes with pawPeekabooLeg weaveStand on two legsOpen/close doorsJump through armsCompetitive agilityCompetitive obedienceCompetitive dock divingCompetitive disc


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